Friday, October 16, 2015

one last tidbit before santa fe

end of work  10/15/15
i have been doing some dribs and drabs on the current painting whilst preparing for my ten days in santa fe with ted nuttall. far from finished even for this "sketch". i have just been putting some thin glazes on the background playing around with what the color might eventually end up being and doing some more sculpting on the face and shadows/folds on her white shirt. so far i like what is going on and her facial expression and pose are saying a lot to me. the eyes in shadow are a bit of a problem that i am not sure i have totally solved......maybe a question for ted?

any way, just some last minute packing and then off to the twin cities for wheels up sunday morning.

"it just suits her" (wip; 11"X15").

just to santa fe


  1. Excellent progress - we will await your comments after you enjoy your time with Mr. Nuttall...

  2. She is coming along very well , looking great ! I hope you are going to have some glorious days with Ted Nuttall , what a treat !