Thursday, September 10, 2015

continuing with the sitting bull demo

the two areas that i tackled in the last few days were primarily the shirt with the fringe and the background.  before starting that description, however, i will correct the size of the piece being 15"X11" (rather than 13"X10"). ghastly mistake, i know.

fringe, background, hair ver. 1.1
the shirt i am assuming is buckskin or some such softened leather with fringe. i painted in the shadows and areas covered with fringe in a fairly dark combination of fub and burnt sienna (some mineral violet and quinacridone gold may have found its way into the mix occasionally. when the sheen was coming off the wash in the process of drying (about a minute or so) i scraped/squeegeed the dark paint off the fringe area leaving a the fringe the light underlying color. it is important to push the paint out of the way rather than dig into the paper to scrape....the latter will leave a dark line as the paint runs into the depression.

i did work on the hair with the same colors and only using a little scraping to bring out lighter highlighted strands.

fringe, background, and hair ver. 1.2
in the background i went up a few sizes of brush (#16 escoda versatil?)and put in some incidental bands of color horizontally across the sheet. a brighter quinacridone gold near the center of the figure to get a glow suggested in that area; some vermillion to start a theme of red that i am going to use in the background; and some manganese blue nova at the junction of the neck and shoulders to sort of ground the whole thing and, with the next overlying red wash, will eventually bring a violet hue to cause a color vibration against the mainly desaturated yellow shirt(at least that's the theory...and i'm sticking to it).

i am going to put some accent red in the buttons coming up from below both for the color and to lead the eye up into the face.

that's it for now. getting close to finished.

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  1. It is interesting to learn how you move forward . The work on the fringes is really great . Heading to another masterpiece of yours !