Wednesday, August 26, 2015

tatanka iyotanka...the class tackles an iconic sitting bull portrait

esteemed leader's wip
as it incorporates literally everything that we have covered in the class thus far i decided they were ready to tackle a portrait. i have always loved this archival photo of sitting bull and, in fact, have painted it several times myself.  the very first painting that i sold was of him after i donated it to the global partners silent auction for their effort on pine ridge reservation of the oglala sioux tribe.

the early photos are my demo starting to take shape. the close up of the eye was to illustrate that even at a small scale the pieces emulate the whole (or vice versa?).

i think they are doing very well as this is a somewhat more complicated piece than they have done to date. to simplify things i ran the original photo through the "value viewer" app to show about 4 levels of value in case they were having difficulty identifying the values. if i can find the photo of that re-processed image i will include it here.

close up of his left eye
 original after "value viewer" worked its magic

original iconic archival photo used as inspriation
(out of focus...mea culpa) jesse with a pretty good start

fadi with a running head start and rapid resolution ( as usual)

tim's work and his new palette

nancy and jennifer yakking away and doing some painting in the quiet times

char's painting with a really good group of early swatches and washes.


  1. Fun to watch (and learn from your efforts)...keep posting and - thanks for mentioning "value viewer"... didn't know about that app!

    1. thanks, timbo. there were quite a few "aha" moments when i showed them the reprocessed photo after letting them struggle with it for about 20 minutes. really a great tool for values.