Wednesday, May 28, 2014

gotta stay busy

as usual i have way more ideas for paintings than time to do them. this is one of those times when i had only one project going at one time. i needed to get another one of two started tout suite(sp?).

when i was at a pottery studio show and tell with my spouse who is a potter, i came across this fellow playing guitar for the milling throngs. i thought he would make a great painting and asked if i could take his photo. he quickly agreed and i told him i would send him a print if i ever got around to painting him. well the time will soon be nigh. i started the drawing yesterday. i wasn't looking forward to all the strings on his guitar so i cropped most of it out.

i also had this photo of our youngest grandchild out in portland last fall. she had just finished polishing off about a cup of guacamole (she and i actually) which she fed to me in large fingers-full while giggling inanely. there was a good light coming in from the window to highlight her features. it was a fairly simple draw so i got to painting it right away. here are a few of the first steps.

drawing and initial washes; start on features

more features, background, dress color trial

state of affairs at present


  1. She is just the cutest , and start is looking very promising !