Sunday, June 8, 2014

finishing up, "nalah and the great guacamole caper"

i finished this painting of nalah our youngest grandchild. i snapped this photo just after she  (and i if i am being honest) just polished off a large tub of homemade guacamole....fed to both of us via her chubby little fingers, a feat she found hilarious. i think she had just licked off the last of the homemade guac when this photo was taken.

since the last posting i just continued darkening the background with dilute glazes until reached the value and chroma i was looking for. unfortunately it didn't turn out just exactly as i had imagined (but when does it, really?). it looked just a bit lopsided even though i hadn't planned on making a compositional problem out of this. with that in mind i splattered and spritzed a subtle organic shape in vermillion and manganese blue along the right edge.

a bit on her hair and dress and i think we have arrived at the end....for now. i will let this sit on the wall for a week or two giving it the once over at least daily just to make sure that i am satisfied.

"nalah and the great guacamole caper" 14"X18"


  1. She is just the sweetest little thing, and you caught the beautiful light and expression of happiness on her face. Great skin tone too ! I really love guacamole , this had me quite inspired to go and get some avocado's !

  2. thanks, jane.

    after considerable trial and error we became advocates of the "two fingered" dip.......eschew the chips!