Saturday, May 24, 2014

she has a need, a need wip

attempting to solve the composition
i have been working pretty steadily but rather slowly on this piece over the last couple of days. the reason for this that i really bit off a little more compositional challenge in this one than i could chew. the figure is way over on the right side of the paper leaving a huge amount of empty space on the left.  as i added little details on the figure and her clothing, i took long pauses to mull over this dilemma. my initial thought that the shadow and chair would take care of the problem appeared to be in error. i wondered if adding something in the upper left would help and i think the violet/yellow splash did to a certain degree. in for a penny, in for a pound....i put a similar splash of burnt sienna/violet in the lower left to sort of balance the boots. ........hmmm, still not sure. so then the brilliant thought of adding the electrical socket and faceplate. this kind of works, so i think i will leave this at this state before finishing the arm, hands, and hair on the figure.

here comes the socket
i should also note that the shadow under the chair was too dark and i lifted some pigment out of there with a 3/4" flat synthetic and blotted it. this gave it some cohesiveness.


  1. Outstanding Bob, really great work, and I love how there is something happening here,there's a situation . In watercolor I crop if there is too much empty space, but the electrical faceplate is genius , it pulls it all together !

  2. i really appreciate your comment, jane. for some reason this one was giving me more trouble than i expected when i set the problem up by putting her abutting the right side of the picture. i am not usually one needing much external validation, but it helps to have some in regard to this piece, which i like, but was a little unsure of. thank you!