Friday, July 13, 2012

"scouting the badlands": next and final steps

starting point for today's sessions

i had the time this morning to put in some of the last touches on the current painting having done quite a bit a day or two ago.  much of the time before today was spent putting in the back and mid ground. also the badlands structures behind the figure. today the figure needed finishing and i painted the remaining part of his torso and arms. the spear was a combo of burnt umber and ultramarine blue. when i got to this step i thought that the back and mid ground was competing a little too mush with the figure. this was partly due to the values, but also the harder edges, more

next 30 minutes
colorful hues, and general busy-ness. in order to tone it down a bit and to help them recede i glazed over the area from the bottom of the badlands rocks to the foreground hill with a mixture of cerulean with a bit of chinese white. i think that helped and i am not going to fuss with this anymore. i need to remember this ahead of time in the future.

"scouting the badlands" 15"X22"

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