Friday, July 27, 2012

pot pourri: next step in "colleague" painting and life session.

the weather is starting to break and i don't feel quite so lazy. despite that the only things i accomplished painting-wise as to do a little on the painting of my friend and attend the life drawing/painting session at the vitamin studio.

carrying on with "colleague..."
on the painting, i changed some of the mouth around, probably fussing too much agian, with some lifting and repainting and subtly indicating the teeth. i still have continuing trouble with mouths and will look forward to discussing this aspect of things with ted nuttall in september and get his take on this. the main thing was the addition of the gray background on the upper left. i painted this with a 1" flat sable brush and ultramarine blue and burnt sienna. i like to keep some of each composnent evident so what in usually do after rinsing and shaking out the brush put a dab of each color on opposite corners, work the color into the brush on the palette, and then put it on the paper allowing it to finish mixing there. i had to be careful i left an area for his hair (which will be similar in both hue and value). i did this by painting over the intended edges and blotting  the edge with a tissue and then scraping in some strands of texture as it dried. turning to the hand and using a #10 round kolinski brush i painted the rest of the hand and fingers. it is a funny posturing and i actually had to check it out by posing in a mirror to finally understand what was going on. i'm not even sure how he got in that position, but it was so relaxed i think it must be a habit. the key was getting the recesses of the palm to read dark enough but still see the middle fingers. the color were cerulean blue, cadmium red light and yellow pale. the line of his wrist is too thick so i will lift out the inferior part to the base of the thumb and thin it out in a subsequent step.

the main difference here is the shirt. cerulean blue and cobalt blue make up the colors. i started to define his hair with cobalt blue, burnt umber and burnt sienna and then some scraping (of course). i also decided to add a little texture to the dark wall behind him so i will put (and have started to put) some over glazes of the same colors as i move along. the folds on his white jacket were ultramarine blue and raw umber. i did "correct" the wrist and i am happier with it now. i am starting to think this is going to be a bit better than "alright", but i won't get my hopes up just yet.

30-minute pose
to finish out my activities i attended the life session at the vitamin studio. i feel somewhat out of practice due to not attending all that often in the last couple of months. as such i didn't have as much control over the values as i would like. my main goal was to get the correct values and color temperature (along with hard last and found edges) to make the appropriate body part either recede or come forward. for the most part i think that this was accomplished. no prize paintings here but a lot of good practice and experimentation. here are the two best and represent a 30 and 40 minute pose.

40-minute pose

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