Wednesday, July 25, 2012

LDLD: of old paintings, new paintings, life sessions

this last week has been a bit "helter skelter" for me and i have been bouncing around between doing a little work on the painting of annabel that i started in the demo (and have decided to call "a tale of the lakota"), started a new painting of a good friend and colleague, that i am going to entitle, "surgeon, colleague, friend," and attended the life drawing/painting session at the vitamin studio. so, a "little of dis and a little of dat" or LDLD.

i decided to just post the work as it stands at this time without a lot of commentary. truthfully, the commentary would be minimal even if i decided to go "all in."

next step in "a tale of the lakota"
here is "a tale of the lakota" in its entirety showing the whole paper with a few more details added. this painting is 16"X20" on 140# fabriano artistico cold press paper.

detail of "surgeon, colleague, friend"
here is a close up of the detail on "surgeon, colleague, friend" as well a whole painting view to show the layout on the paper. the painting is also 16"X20" on 140# fabriano artistico paper but the surface is hot press instead of cold press. i am starting to wonder if a bit more seizing on the surface or actually in the paper might be better in terms of the way i paint. i may look into some other brands to see if there is something out there that suits my style a bit better. arches seems to have more seizing than most and indeed is the reason i don't like their cold press surface, but perhaps with the hot press???? we'll see. i am taking a workshop out in seattle in september with ted nuttal and he wants us to use arches hot press so i  might as well get a packet and try it out.

full view of "surgeon, colleague, friend"

recumbent nude model

lastly i will post the only decent sketch from the life drawing/painting session at the vitamin studio from last wednesday. this is a 35 minute pose. the sketch is about 11"X15" on the back side of a failed painting from yesteryear. think it is probably a cheaper 140# cold press surface.

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