Saturday, June 27, 2015

idle hands and all that...........

very little down time with me and painting. i usually am about 2-3 ideas ahead of where i actually am at any one time. along with the ".....bluegrass" painting i have been working on a commission for my golfing buddy jim. he has a little dog that he has wanted a portrait of for some time that has been languishing on the corner table collecting dust since the initial wishes about 2 months ago. as i waited for paint to dry on the fiddler portrait i worked on this.

i think it came out pretty well. he let me have a free hand with it and that made what i usually don't like about commissions not only distasteful but actually fun. it is a small painting (11"X10") on a piece of 300# arches cold press paper (which is also a bit different; a departure from my usual hot press preference). it was painted pretty much exclusively with a #12 escoda versatil round brush using ultramarine blue and burnt sienna  for the various grays and browns. there is an occasional mineral violet, alizarin crimson permanent, and neutral tint. the background is entirely oxide of chromium and quinacridone gold.....a combo i like for a lot of greens in the landscape.

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  1. There are some lovely greys in the fur and he looks like a very nice dog , the owner will surely be thrilled with this great portrait :-)