Sunday, June 21, 2015

and just a bit more....."lost in the bluegrass"

pretty sure it will be finished in time to submit to the watercolor west jury on june i'm not so sure that it will good enough. its starting to look a little rough around the edges. i guess i'll just keep plugging long and see where we are when its all said and done.

main efforts over the last two days have been getting his shirt and shadows behind the backdrop curtain painted. i wanted the shirt to say "plaid" but not be too dominant so as to detract from the figure. the dark recesses on the top took a while to get to the value that seemed about where i had envisioned them. i am using almost exclusively a wet glazing technique that i have described previous, but mainly involves floating one color over another (and another) while the former is still at least damp, stopping where the value and color is predicted to be about "correct". the last color applied is always the dominant one with subtle undertones of all of the previous hues. another area done like this is the shadow on his shirt and sleeve under the right side of the violin.
wip, "lost in the bluegrass"

always room for second guessing. i didn't like them when they were high key, but the darker they got they grew on me. you know what comes next???????? too dark! i'm going to leave them and see what tincture of time will do for my aesthetic.

i think his hand is okay as is and probably won't do anything else on it. more work is needed to give his violin its patina.

here is where things stand at the present.


  1. To me it looks phenomenal already , but I know who is the hardest critic :-))