Sunday, April 27, 2014

one more on the city streets: "one way" (19"X15")

first washes and beginning details
i managed to get a few shots of this as it was developed, but not the way the way that i would have liked. i painted it from an amalgam of 2 city photos and a bit from my imagination.

the large background shapes and indeed all the large washes were painted with a #6 princeton neptune quill brush. it holds a tremendous amount of water and allows a very juicy mix of colors to readily flow down the paper leaving a good size bead at the bottom....where the life of a wash resides. the board is at a 45 degree angle which is much less upright than i usually paint for my figures and portraits, but i found that 75-80 degrees of tilt made the wash unmanageable and it cascaded downward out of control.

a few more figures and a tree
the detail stuff was painted with my trusty #16 round and #8 round for really small stuff. the colors were mainly a variety of blues, burnt sienna, raw sienna, alizarin crimson, mineral violet, turquoise blue, vermillion, and cadmium yellow light. i have gone to a pretty much all transparent palette for the figure work but am finding that some of the more opaque colors like the cadmiums (red and yellow) often right out of the tube can be useful for last minute details and calligraphy.

darkened the foreground (i know it doesn't
look like it)
i can't say this is prize worthy but i do feel that these land/cityscapes are getting better. for that i am grateful.

what's a city sans pigeons? et voila: "one way" (19"X15")


  1. Great reflexions and difference in the intensity of color emphasizing the sense of distance. I think you did an amazing work , lots of details all pulled off beautifully .