Wednesday, April 16, 2014

another landscape (cityscape?): seattle sunshine morning

"seattle sunshine morning" (14"X18")
it seems i have been skipping around a lot since we arrived home from borrego springs about 10 days ago now. i have 3-4 paintings in the works and although i paint on each one each day sometimes there isn't enough change to  make it worthwhile to post. this one i finished in about two days. it isn't perfect (no s**t, sherlock), but i think i am starting to understand how i want to paint these and i learned a tremendous amount by the attempt. taken from a photo outside of our daughter's abode in seattle about 7-8 years ago. i have wanted to attempt it before but didn't think i had the chops to do it well. so, here is the first attempt and i am pretty sure i will have another go of soon to see if i can make a better painting of it.


  1. You certainly don't have to be modest Bob , this is really good, fabulous sense of distance and lots of interesting details. To me landscapes are the hardest subjects to paint , mine always end up very boring .

  2. thanks so much, jane. i always appreciate your comments and visits.