Monday, July 8, 2013

...and the crowd called out, "encore, encore."

well, they didn't really, but i decided to reprise a painting that i did about a year ago of our grand daughter jumping joyously into the midst of the adults proclaiming some forgotten thought. we were up the columbia gorge nestled in a cozy cabin on a nice little stream and all were in a good mood.  i think it rubbed off on her.  i will try to dig up the old painting sometime during the sojourn and re-post it.

anyway, the challenge will be to get the mid tones correct as the "model" is a flash photo done inside at night. the other thing that always seems to vex me is the backgrounds....something i am hoping to work on in september when i take bev jozwiak's (and vickie nelson's) workshop in portland. something to act as foil for the warm flesh tones but not so busy as to distract from the figure. have to think on it.

so without much in the way of prose here are the steps in the painting to date and each represent about 30 minutes or so of work. the one thing i will say is that i think it interesting to note the shifts in color and temperature of the whole piece as the white of the paper in the background is covered up and subtly changed by each subsequent glaze. the size is 11"X15"at present and on 300# fabriano artistico hot press paper. the whole thing so far is painted with a #16 davinci  cosmotop round brush.

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