Thursday, July 11, 2013

a bit more on the reprisal (?)

i have worked a little bit more on this second take on the painting of our grand daughter leaping into the room. i worked mainly on the background and her hair. i also started experimenting with how i want to paint the checks on her gingham nighty. at this point the reddish blobs in her hair on the near side look a little weird. i think they will settle down and seem okay when i get more finished......i hope.  i am trying to do her hair without any of my usual scraping. old habits die hard. not sure why i want to do the hair this way, but the scraping out of highlights seems kind of gimmicky and lazy to me at this time. also, i have had a tendency to overdo it and then the hair becomes too interesting detracting from the face which is usually the main message of the painting. and who doesn't need another challenge? that's all for now.

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