Sunday, July 21, 2013

a bit more and then some

despite my silence over the last week or so i have been able to squeak in some painting time. enough to get a little further in the redux of sophie painting, "catch me grandpa" and also start anther one entitled (until or if i come up with a better title) "no grapefruit for you".

almost done
a the progress occurred rather piecemeal i don't remember the steps in detail but i did snap some photos which i will post here to chronicle the progress. of note, you may notice (or perhaps not) that the quality of the photos is much better......i got a new camera for my birthday. it is just a step below a dslr as i didn't want anything that would make me learn a new discipline. "point and shoot," is my mantra.

so here we go.......

getting there

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  1. Bob, the painting of Sophie is really beautiful. I can see so much progess in your style since the first version. Great work on the "grapefruit" one too. And congrats on your new camera and a belated happy birthday!