Tuesday, March 26, 2013

last two paintings and editorial blah, blah, blah

"a proper young lady" (14"X11")
here are the final photos of the portrait of the young victorian woman and the landscape of the anza-borrego desert with the gray mare and mustang dun stallion.

as i looked over my facebook page this morning while finishing my second cup of coffee, i was reminded of why i do this stuff and i imagine why a lot of artists create. it is for the process. the creative process is so compelling. watching an image emerge before one's eyes as one proceeds is nothing short of mesmerizing, at least for me. this whole thought process was triggered by not one "like" or "comment" regarding either of the last two paintings. those of you who post on facebook know that this is really unusual. it made me wonder if these paintings were such stinkers that no one thought they were worth a quick click on "like." then, however, i realized, "furgetabout'm," i really didn't do this for them. i did it because i enjoy the creative process, not for validation from others, although occasionally that is nice. so, i'm not sure i will continue with posting on facebook, but i certainly will here for this is where i am more likely to write about the process which is , after all, the more important part. thanks for listening to my blathering. be well, my friends.
"trouble brewing in coyote canyon" (15"X21")

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