Friday, March 8, 2013

"gonna go and make it happen": last steps on commission portrait

i finished the portrait of jack yesterday late. there was very little that i did since the last posting. most of the time was spent looking at the painting and deciding what, if anything, needed doing to improve it. in the end i decided the answer to this was, "very little."
"gonna go and make it happen"  (10"X14")

i put a splash of dark in the lower right side to define the extent of the beard. i darkened a few crevices and put the eyes in a little more shadow. i put a cadmium red/alizarin crimson strip across the top left just for a splash of color not seen in the rest of the painting. not sure it works but i can crop it out if i don't like it in the end.

the next step i suppose is to see if the client mart likes it. the only thing that i would say is that if it were entirely up to me, i would put a glaze over the glasses to make them somewhat less prominent. however, i remember marti saying that jack was always wearing glasses and that was a prominent part of his visage. that being so, i will leave them more prominent and dull them down if she wishes. a pretty simple matter but one i will have to be precise with so as not to spill over onto his face with the glaze.

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