Monday, March 18, 2013

catching up and new venture.

i am getting close to the end with the victorian lady painting. i did manage to keep her face high key but her clothing ended up being a bit flat and dull. i'm not sure if it was the pigment (hooker's green, alizarin crimson, burnt sienna), the technique ( i have to admit i got somewhat heavy-handed...old habits and all that), or bad karma. not sure i can sort it all out at this time. there is always the next painting to try something different. i forget about the white stripe near the edge of that yoke/collar thing so i lifted out the stripe you see here. i may accentuate it with a light wash that abuts it in green. there are some dark details around the edge of that as well that i think will add some interest and i intend to put them in the next time i paint. that should be later today after our early game of golf.

a word about the two squares on the mid-right of the painting. on the photo there were two pieces of cellophane tape and i decided to put them in....i sort of like them.

these next wo are the beginnings of a landscape that i started a couple of days ago. the horses are the amorous couple who live in the paddock 50 yards from our porch. the rest is taken from a photo i had from last year when a storm was blowing in from west of the santa rosa mountains. the mare is at least going in the direction of shelter while the stallion is munching away as if there was nothing brewing. i guess we all have our priorities....but it was a nasty storm! never mind this is entirely made up.

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