Friday, June 29, 2012

"father and son": continuing efforts

i have been at it for about three hours now and i think that is about all i will have in me today. i will post the photos of my progress in about 20 minute sittings. what i usually do during the 15-20 breaks is get clean water, clean off the palette, rinse the brushes, and play a few tunes (or learn) on the guitar. lately i ahve been working on some jim croce songs namely "you don't mess around with jim," and "it doesn't have to be that way." i actually used to know these and regularly played them but after a hiatus of 12 years my mind and fingers are not as nimble as they once were.  so, here are the steps with a little commentary.

first 25 minutes
here is mainly work on ben's hair, chin, neck. i thought his lip was pulled up on his *right* and was about to change it when i looked at the photo and realized it IS pulled upward by sollie's head. so, i will leave it alone. his *left* eye is a little high but i think i will leave it alone for now and assess when i am closer to done. it might not prove to be that big a deal.

the second session was used mainly for work on sollie's face and head with the steps about the same for his face as for ben's (or any other one's for that matter).

the third and last session today was spent refining sollie's face, neck, hair (what little he has at this stage), and adding a small negative shape off the *right*head to define the lateral extent of his head.

second 25 minutes
last 20 minutes

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