Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"catch me, grandpa" : lessons learned and redux

after looking a the final result of the last painting more and more of it began to bother me but i couldn't quite put my finger on the problem. in an attempt to resolve these issues i posted it on the brush with water (bww) forum to get some good feedback. which i got. eyes too high, not enough under chin showing for an upward gaze, foreshortening not correct, color temperature of receding shapes too warm.....i could go on and on.

this experience brings out a good point that, at least for me, i can't emphasize enough. in order to improve at almost anything, but especially at art, one must seek the opinion of others who aren't afraid of offending and speak their mind. to be sure the requester must have thick skin, but eventually one becomes inured to this sort of thing in the spirit of improvement. many sites where one posts end up being more of a mutual admiration exercise which serve little more than to "stroke" one's ego. i don't think this leads to change or improvement but only more of the same....which may or may not be good. an opportunity has been lost. to be sure, bww is not such a site and proof is in the results of the posting of this painting which garnered much good commentary all of which was helpful and for which i am thankful. these folks care about each other, their craft, and helping each other improve. what more could one want? so, if any bww-ers are reading or have read this, kudos and my undying gratitude.

i will start version 2.0 later today after a workout and lunch.


  1. I am almost afraid of saying something nice, but I do like the joyful expression I see in this painting. Partly I agree on what you are saying, but I also think, you can get too many opinions...

  2. jane, thanks for the comments. i, too, like her expression and almost everything about this except the somewhat contorted posture. i apologize for the grandstanding, but i had a burr up my a#!$ yesterday, apparently. please don't be afraid to leave nice comments. i do like a few once in a while!