Friday, June 22, 2012

catch me, grandpa: finishing touches

after sleeping on this overnight i decided to "straighten up" the dark shape on the right side so that it more or less paralleled the diagonal of the one on the left, but i tried to make the sides where it touched the edges to be of different lengths. this along with finishing the checks on her gingham dress and placing a few more strands of hair over her torso and shoulders pretty much finished this off. if i am being honest i did noodle around with some niggling little things around about her face but they amounted to little and i managed to stop before i made a mess of things.

"catch me, grandpa," 16"X20
i am pleased with how this came out both from the perspective of the likeness but also the planning regarding the background that i did up front. although it made the painting process much less exciting and less of an adventure, it made a better painting, i think. i really don't need more excitement right about now.

i hope you enjoyed viewing as much as i enjoyed painting. off to tackle a little more "you don't mess around with jim". who knows? i may even dare to "spit in the wind."

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