Sunday, May 6, 2012

"gotta love my mom": next 30 minutes

detail of next steps
i only had about half and hour to paint yesterday morning before errands, etc. got in the way. basically i painted the *right* side of joan's face even though i was trying to make her eyes the correct size and shape i managed, nonetheless, to make the *right* one a little too "tall." she is actually squinting more than i depicted it here. i don't think it is enough to worry about and change. additionally, i think her eyes are a little too close together, but rather than erasing and lifting out the *left* (which i think is the offending one) i believe i can get away with increasing the distance from the bridge of her nose to the medial canthus of the *left* eye. this will give the illusion of more space without having to do too much fiddling. i used a #8 "faux kolinsky" brush i just got to try out mainly because real kolinsky brushes are still so expensive. this brush was about 1/7th the price of a real sable and i must say behaves very well. it holds lots of water, snaps to a sharp point with just a flick of the wrist, and is just stiff enough to give good control over the point. i am a fan at this time and will probably try more sizes as time goes on and brushes wear out and need replacing. the colors were my old stand-by cadmium red light, cadmium yellow pale, and cerulean blue in various proportions put on the paper singly and allowed to mingle with some manipulation of the brush. i still haven't decided on the color to use for joan's hair. the quinacridone gold isn't working very well, but i think that perhaps cerulean and one of the siennas or umbers, burnt or raw, might do the trick. her hair is a dark blonde turned kind of platinnum with age. our granddaughter sophie said once, " grandma, i like the color of your hair. its, like, the color of toilet paper." she didn't say whether that was right off the roll or used! i didn't ask. i may try experimenting on a spare sheet of paper (painting, not, you know, the other) before the next painting session. its a little unusual for me not to just barge in with a try right on the painting. maybe i am getting more cautious or smarter with old age..............naa. here is the view of the entire painting for reference.

full painting at this stage


  1. It is already looking really good,love the blue dots here and there . Keep it up :-)

  2. That would make a fantastic Mother's Day present for Joan. Can you finish it by Sunday? he he.
    This is really great and a good resemblance too for both Ben and Joan.I think Ben's nose and chin are perfect.

  3. thank you, jane and heidi for your comments. actually i was thinking of giving this painting to joan for mother's day and i do think i can finish by then if i don't get distracted with my busy schedule!