Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"gotta love my mom": little by little

the last day or so i haven't had or taken the time to paint. whether it was other activities or mood, i am not too sure. be that as it may there are only a few changes wrought over the last 48 hours. to begin with the glaring whiteness of ben's chin was bothering me when i went into the studio and looked at the painting. so i painted a light flesh-colored wash over it to tone it down. the *right* side of ben's and the *left* side of joan's hair were painted in and scraped a bit. and i put in some small swatches of clothing over ben's *left* arm as it came up against joan's hair which gave me a release for her hair shape and next to ben's *right* cheek so that i could lose that edge of his face into something.

i didn't like the shape of joan's hair so i tried to "correct" it with a dark background wash. i actually was mulling over not putting much, if any, background in this painting, but now i am committed to at least some. i am still going to try to keep it to a minimum and see how that looks when all is said and done. these colors were just adjusted splashes of ultramarine blue and burnt sienna.

off to see how muddy i can get slogging through 18 holes of golf after our three straight days of rain. i'll probably need to be hosed off in the driveway before domilcile entrance is granted upon my return. i can hardly wait.

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