Thursday, March 1, 2012

mustang sentinel: next few steps

actual has more contrast
i started the day's painting by evaluating the horse's anatomy and scrubbed out some more width to her upper right leg. the neck still needs fixing but i will wait and reclaim some of it with a background dark negative shape.  the next thing was to paint a series of washes representing, from farthest to nearest, the sky, distant mountains, nearer mountains, distant low hills, and the nearer but still distant tree line. all of these were painted with a #16 round squirrel quill brush. cobalt blue with just a touch of yellow ocher to dull it with a graded wash from top to the horizon. cobalt blue and brown madder for the distant mountains and the same but darker value wash for the overlying nearer mountains. still with sort of a graded wash. distant hills were mainly brown madder with cobalt blue and i lost some of the top and bottom edges in places by touching a damp brush just to the edge allowing it to release. the overlying tree line was hooker's green with quinacridone gold again with losing some edges as before. a yellow ochre and brown madder wash darkened with cobalt blue as it worked forward was put in just below the distant structures mentioned above. next i started working on the fence posts using burnt sienna with vaying amounts of cobalt blue using a #6 round sable and scraping some texture in when the sheen had just come off the paint. note the cast shadow painted at the same time to make sure it connected. a few of the most forward bushes were mainly quinacridone gold and brown madder. that's it for today. be well.

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