Saturday, March 17, 2012

"mustang sentinel": finishing up

i must apologize for the lengthy hiatus. we lost our cable tv and internet connection in a big windstorm about ten days ago and just now have managed to get connectivity restored. that being said there really isn't mush left to do on this painting. working almost exclusively with a #12 round sable i further defined the shrubbery behind the fence with the same paint colors as before. the ;larger bush on the far right helped balance out the composition. i used mainly hooker's green dulled with burnt sienna and waited patiently for the shine to disappear before scraping in the texture of the branches, etc. with a small palette knife. i sort of spattered, slung, scumbled, and at times actually brushed in the texture you see as you work forward into the extreme foreground. all the same colors with the addition of some ultramarine blue and quinacridone gold. as one moves forward the colors should get darker in value, the colors a bit more saturated, and the shapes larger. i think the only thing i could accomplish by continuing would be to make it look fussy and over worked so i will declare it finished at this point.

just in time for my brother in law's 69th birthday. so it is off to his house to prepare his (and his spouse's) repast of pan roasted asparagus, grilled salmon, and rice pilaf and to present him with his birthday painting "mustang sentinel." bon appetit.

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