Sunday, February 26, 2012

lone mustang sentinel: next painting

drawing and initial washes

i decided to continue with the horse theme but this time made him a bit player in the landscape which is just magnificent around here. we are moving into town for a larger place as we have company coming down this month and the little studio on the mustang sanctuary just won't cut it, so to speak. so i wanted to take advantage of the wide open places while we are here. here is the drawing with the initial washes. it is a piece of fabriano artistico rough paper, 140#, and 15"X21" in size. as usual i started with the figure as i want it to fit in and be thought of or look like and after thought. this is accomplished by using tie-ins with the surrounding

close up of mustang and surrounding foliage
 areas right away where the values are similar. since this stallion is white most of his definition is going to be with the use of negative shapes. this works well here as one can just drag some of the pigment in to the figure for some of the internal modelling for that and the tie-in. sort of a two-fer. all the painting is done with a #8 round and the pigments are easy enough to figure out that i won't go over them here. suffice it to say they are same ones i usually use for landscapes and shadows.....mostly earth tones with a blue or two and a green with quinacridone gold. i think the horse's head may be a bit too big but i have noticed that the mustangs seem to have a relatively larger head for their relatively smaller bodies than the paint and appaloosa that i have done previously. his right front leg needs a little enlarging in diameter as well. i'll let them stand for now but keep in mind that they may need some changing when i get to the final decisions.

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