Tuesday, February 7, 2012

nevado the appaloosa

this is another big horse especially for an appaloosa. about the same size as tanka. they make quite a sight out in the paddock. i can't imagine what a spectacle they make out running together on a ride. i am starting to get an idea of horse anatomy, proportion, and the way that i want to paint them.

 i started out with a line drawing on 16"X20" 140# cold press paper. i always seem to start with the nose no matter what the species the face is on! i used a #8 round kolinski brush that points well here. i put the shadow wash on the white areas first with a neutral wash of cerulean blue, yellow ocher, and carmine. once on i softened some edges with clear water after a good rinse and shake. then if i want to add a little warmth or coolness i can charge in a bit of one of the primary colors wet-in-wet. moving on to the darker colors i will say that they are composed of burnt sienna burnt umber, cobalt blue, and very infrequently ultramarine blue where the very darkest areas are. the technique i use puts the paint down almost as it comes right from the tube and mixes it on the paper with a moist to wet brush depending on the effect and value of the area i am painting. after the face was painted i went on to the body/chest. for this i used a #12 round. i put down dabs of darker paint where i wanted the darkest values to be and then after rinsing and shaking the bush i joined these small swatches of color together. that made the lighter value areas in between the darker. i made some tie-ins with the background using the fence as a vehicle for this. i think it was cobalt blue and burnt sienna. just above his neck i put in a swatch of quinacridone gold to see if that would work for the foliage behind him. i think it will. off to play golf so i will let this rest until the next time.

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