Friday, September 30, 2011

life drawing/painting sessions: week #3

20- minute pose
30-minute pose
i am somewhat chagrined to see that a whole week has gone by since i posted anything. i just doesn't seem like that long ago! well, i am going to remedy that now. the third session of the life drawing/painting sessions happened wednesday evening, september 28.  as usual we had 20/30/45-minute poses after a warm-up. while i thought that i would try to put together a composition out of the 20- and 30- minute poses, i didn't quite manage it. now having tried it twice and failing, i am somewhat in awe of those that can, viz. charles reid.

so i have three separate offerings. as per last week i actually like the two shorter renditions over the longer. in fact the 30-minute one is my favorite of this group and think it actually would be a nice small painting. i thought that i would have enough time to put down an initial flesh-colored wash and rather quickly found that i didn't. after about 10 minutes of waiting, time was drawing ever closer to ending so i went ahead and painted over the still damp paint. it came out pretty dull. on top of a mediocre drawing, the result was not so good, but here they are:

45-minute pose with initial body wash applied

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