Wednesday, September 7, 2011

finishing up a small portrait:"did you call my name?"

"did you call my name?"
it didn't take too much to finish this portrait of safina. i adjusted her far cheek so that it was a little narrower by enlarging the darker background. i extended the background down to the bottom left just above her extended arm to define the top limit of it. i created s few edges behind her neck and finished the hair. the barrette/ribbon was a splash of cerulean (or turquoise blue?) blue. otherwise the rest of this was done with ultramarine blue and burnt sienna. some of the modelling on then top of her arm finished out this last and, i think, final step of this project.  i am fairly pleased with this. the likeness is pretty good and i don't think there are too many places where i overworked it. now the only question remaining, "do i dare post it on brush with water where her grandmother will see it?"

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