Thursday, September 15, 2011

life drawing/painting session

30-minute pose
i finally found an opportunity for an on-going life drawing/painting session(s). a very talented young artist matt duckett runs a small studio "vitamin studio" in town. he has a 2-hour session on wednesday evenings from 6-8 pm which is mainly undraped models with a couple of 5-minute poses, and a 20-, 30- and 45- minute pose. on the first and third thursdays there is a 3-hour draped session with a single long pose. this is quite an opportunity to paint and draw from a live model so....not entirely a slave to the photo material anymore! here is the output from the first session i attended last evening. these are not very good as i found i was very rusty but by the end of the evening i was getting more comfortable. it is always a challenge when one wants to get some watercolor on the paper in these to manage the time so that is possible. you can see that i did get a little better as the session wore on. sorry but the 20-minute pose photo was too blurry to post.

45-minute pose

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  1. Bob, these are great! I have done some life drawing but get to caught up in the details. I haven't tried it in watercolor but I love how yours look. Charles Reid would be VERY proud!