Saturday, February 26, 2011

what's different?

"cogbill's find"

"morning cuppa joe"
yes, there is something different.  i hope it made enough impact that it is fairly obvious. i'm afraid that my artistic expression today was isolated to fooling around with the design of the blog rather than anything truly muse-inspired. i found a whole new section in the design part of the blog and decided to try out some of the fonts that i saw there.  i chose the new one's that i did because they more closely reflect the way that i actually write. does it work? let me know if you like it or not. i promise to get back to the desert scene soon.  i need to run up to the palm springs area tomorrow to replenish the pantry and do some necessary shopping. so, it maybe a day or two before the next installment of the actual painting. to satisfy any need you may have to see some actual paintings, i have included a couple that i don't believe i have posted before for your edification.  the one entitled "cogbill's find" of a derelict school house in idaho (?wyoming?) has a story behind it i will tell one of these days. be well.

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