Thursday, February 3, 2011

"lean and lanky"

"lean and lanky"
here is the finished project.  it was going to be more of an exercise than anything else, but i kind of like it (despite some of the overworked areas) so think i will dub it a painting in its own right and move on.  i strengthened some shadows on the figure and added the cast shadow on the wall. i softened some of the edges at the bottom of the color on the wall as well so that they were not so abrupt.

i haven't decided on the next project yet but i think it will be a landscape with some sort of figure(s) in the foreground...perhaps some egrets.  they frequent the marshes near our home in la crosse and their stark whiteness will be a nice foil to the green/blue of the surrounding environs.  also, they will pose the interesting problem of not making them look like they were cut from white paper and pasted on, but rather a part of the scene.

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  1. I think it turned out really nice. The shirt really draws me in, good contrast.
    Your next painting sounds really cool. Makes me think of Perot Park out in Trempealeau out by my mom's house. It is so pretty there, lots of different kinds of birds out there Lilly pads and the bluffs, just the view of the river from up on the bluff. My mom enjoys it when the Tundra Swans pass through.
    I hope we can have a long visit home this summer.