Tuesday, February 22, 2011

continuing and finishing steps on reid portrait

charles reid portrait: next washes
i was able to finish (or nearly finish) the portrait i have been working on these last few days. this first photo shows mainly the addition of the large wash for the side of the face and cheek.  please note that it goes all the way down the neck and doesn't stop at the jaw line. i have been told innumerable times (by the subject of our painting especially) not to stop or make an otherwise obvious division at the jaw, so i thought it was worth reiterating it here. aside from this i strengthened the color in the medial side of the near eye socket, reestablished the line of the eye that had washed way during the painting yesterday and added a background wash behind the head that was similar to the one at the front of the face.

the small area of hair behind the ear was established but being careful to make sure it wasn't so prominent as to take attention away from the front of the face. midvalue shadows on the shirt with raw umber and cobalt blue were put in and the same colors were used to paint the hat. a cooler shadow beneath the chin and forming the skin fold at the front of the neck was added with mainly cerulean blue and the flesh colors discussed before. the glasses were added with a #4 round sable using quinacridone gold, cobalt blue, and some permanent alizarin crimson pretty much right out of the tube.

i monkeyed around with the mouth too much and clearly was having some trouble painting it with all the small complicated shapes that an open smiling mouth presents...at least for me.  i need to work out a better way to paint these or work with someone who has better handle on it.  that not withstanding, i think this turned out okay and will declare it finished. i enjoyed doing this portrait of this well known and loved artist and teacher charles reid. i hope you enjoyed reading and watching along.  if you are a painter and haven't had the opportunity to attend a workshop with charles, i have just one word for you....do. the way he handles paint, brush, and teaches students are legendary and will change your painting for the better. enough for now. be well.

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