Sunday, January 16, 2011

listen my children .4

next washes in "listen my children"
this morning in the 30 or so minutes i had to paint i put in the color on the man's trousers with combinations of ultramarine blue (for the darker passages) and cerulean (for the lighter passages.) i dulled down both where necessary (distant and shadow areas) with raw sienna or umber.  i wanted to get some peacock blue somewhere else in the painting as well as get some mass in the upper left section.  both worked into the shape that is (sort of) a bus or maybe an rv in the background.  i thought a splash of color to decorate this area might work and added the "mta" letters in cadmium yellow-orange. i also put some shadow in the cracks in the sidewalk and curb and loosened it up by dragging a damp brush along the edges. all that's really left to do is attack the shirt on the man, which i think i will leave this really just means putting in shadows to explain the shape, separate some of the shapes on and around the kids, and put in "maybe" a bit of stuff on the buildings (like windows, etc.)  i haven't really decided about the later just yet.  i am starting to feel better about this painting but i am entering the phase where i have to be careful not to overdo it.  will this be a masterpiece?  hardly.  but i think it has a fair chance of at least being a decent painting. this a  goal i was seriously questioning a few washes ago.

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