Tuesday, January 18, 2011

finishing touches:"listen my children"

"listen my children" 
i finished up the painting we have been working on.  i did pretty much what i said in the last post: put shadows on the shirt of the man with combinations of cerulean, raw sienna, and alizarin; darkened and added some shadows on the limbs and hands of various figures; added some descriptive shadows to the man's trousers; added some warm background shapes on the street surface that weren't really there but i think strengthen the painting by giving some definition to the shirt and providing some cool/warm interplay.  all of these i believe were good ideas. i also added some calligraphy to the building shapes on the right and "plugged" the stark white "hole" on the upper mid right between the bus/rv and the buildings on the right. the former in retrospect was a mistake and i wish i hadn't done it.  the latter was a good idea as i think it keeps one's eye from leaving the picture space but i could have done it more elegantly and not as sloppily.  it also is a rather ugly, muddy color. so, with that said (and done) i declare this project finished.  i learned a lot from doing this step-by-step demonstration and i hope you at least had fun watching my angst unfold at every brushstroke! after a couple of days go by i will critique this a little more thoroughly.  in the interim, please feel free to leave comments, criticisms, ridicule, suggestions, etc.  all are welcome.  thanks.

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