Saturday, January 15, 2011

listen my children .3

next step:"listen my children"
overnight i found myself thinking about how i was going to fix some of the problems i created for myself yesterday without just "erasing" and/or starting over. in the end i decided that i would change some of the angles of the shape in the upper right to obey the laws of perspective a bit more rigorously by angling some of the bottoms of the buildings and darkening the forward-most shape with an over wash of burnt sienna and umber that also works on a diagonal toward the upper left. so i did it as shown here. i don't know if that really helped, but it looks better to my eye. i also darkened some of the clothing shapes on the children to bring them forward a bit and added the shadows on their limbs.  the colors on the clothing are directly out of the tube (girl's shirt is peacock blue) and i used the same now familiar flesh combo for the limbs. that's all i have time for today.  probably will finish up tomorrow by figuring out how to paint the background shape in the upper left and getting on with completing the figure of the old man.

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