Thursday, April 16, 2015

"Sorting grandpa" : continuing efforts on current painting

i got quite a bit more done on this painting in the approximate hour I have spent on it this morning. I mainly worked on Sophie's face. Continuing to explain her facial features. For this I used scarlet lake, brilliant orange, and cerulean blue applied with a #10 escoda versatile round. Areas of her hair were mixtures of quinacridone gold, burnt sienna, mineral violet, and touches of alizarin Crimson. My shirt was mainly oxide of chromium dulled with abit of alizarin Crimson. The background is a medium value manganese blue nova that I allowed to run over the back of Sophie's head, the left side of my head and the front of the t-shirt I am wearing. It's getting both sunny, but also warm out so I am going out to scout some areas for plein air painting later this afternoon and tomorrow morning. Until next, be well.


  1. Are you using wet in wet or mostly a dry brush ?

    1. mostly wet on dry, jane. if i have larger areas of background i will often do wet-in-wet as a way to mix colors on the paper. i also do something that i call wet glazing where one puts another application of a contrasting color on top of a still wet wash and let them mix as they run down the paper. you get some really interesting effects....not always good, though. thanks for the query.