Sunday, April 19, 2015

first la crosse plein air and continuing with "sorting grandpa"

yesterday was the first plein air paint out that i was able to attend since returning to wisconsin. about 10 painters....mostly watercolorists oddly enough.......met at a local park to paint for 2-3 hours. i wasn't all that inspired by the scenery, but the early morning light was nice. i picked an area where i could sort of border the scene with the natural objects like trees, sidewalks/streets, and try to create the sun-drenched look by use of the crossing shadows of the adjacent trees. here is the painting that i did. about 2 hours, 140# cold press lanaquarelle paper, 11"X14".

later in the day i did about 45 minutes work on "sorting grandpa." i mainly worked on my face to try to add a bit of color using vermillion, raw sienna, and at times a touch of cerulean blue. i did finish out both my and sophie's eyes with over washes of cobalt blue/burnt sienna and adding pupils with ultramarine blue and burnt sienna. a note about eyes: with light coming in on the side, the edge of the iris on the shadow side will sort of catch the light as i exits the cornea creating a light spot. the light is a bit schizoid here as it seems to be coming from the front (and indeed i think it was in the form of a flash) so i decided to just call one side of both figures the one that will catch the exiting light. i have found that this gives the eyes a "real" and watery look. you, of course, will have to be the judge.

in the background i put down a wash of manganese blue nova going over the back of sophie's head, the left side of my head (note: these directions are relative to the figure, not the observer), and the top 1/3 of my t-shirt and then allowing some drips- the illusion of spontaneity, if you will. i think that's it for yesterday. as it is cold, blustery and rainy, i suspect more will be done today.

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