Sunday, June 30, 2013

one more to finish off july

here are some steps in a painting that i started the last day of the ted nuttall workshop here in la crosse a couple of weeks ago. just the beginning and subsequent steps to what i think is near the finish. nothing much different in terms of technique. i did start using more transparent paint and substituted brilliant orange and vermillion for cadmium orange and cadmium red light, respectively. i also started using manganese blue in some places as i like it when i saw it in the background of stephie butler's paintings a while ago. the only other thing that i would comment on is that i placed the head more to the left of the picture than usual in an attempt to myself a problem to solve in terms of composition. i'm not sure i succeeded but the clouds/sky that are already on the upper right and the one's that i plan to add do give a semblance of balance. lastly, i don't like the warm bit in the center of the cloud on the upper right. i will have to come up with strategy to either remove it or tone it here are the photos documenting the birth of yet another masterpiece!


  1. The expression on the mans face is great and so are the colors , but I can see what you mean about the darker cloud....sure though that you will find a solution . All together a wonderful portrait.

    1. thanks, jane. you always leave such positive vibes......much appreciated. i think i will figure out that vexing cloud with the help of "mr. clean".