Monday, June 3, 2013

one more and keep 'em comin'

i usually like to have a couple of paintings going at any one time. that way i have something to work on irrespective of my particular mood at the time. i pursuit of that i decided to start a painting of two of the three border collies that were our frequent companions and play mates out on the mustang sanctuary in borrego springs.  the sleeping dog nevada is about half again bigger than the alert pup suka, who has been the subject a a previous painting.

after drawing the dogs on a sheet of 300# hot press fabriano artistico paper i started noodling with some light colors just to see how i wanted to handle the larger dark shapes that would be the background and the "black" parts of the two dogs. i finally decided that they should all be part of one large dark value shape and started that with the green at the top ( ultramarine blue/quinacridone gold and hooker's green dark /burnt sienna) and various dark colors (ultramarine blue/burnt sienna, mineral violet and burnt umber) for the dark "spots" on the pups. shadow shapes n the dogs was my usual combination for a neutral gray of cerulean blue, raw sienna, and alizarin crimson permanent. used a #16round brush for this portion of the painting.


of suka coat up to the correct value and hue that i imagined it wanted. this was with the same colors as above but just a little more concentrated wash. of note, suka has one blue eye and one brown eye. i will have to remember that when i get to that step.

in terms of the portraits of amanda and david, i worked a bit on the back/mid ground of pine/fir trees just behind them. i think that is about all that is different from by last post.

something rather peculiar is happening with the formatting at the present time. please forgive me the bizarre type color and placement. i will try to figure what is going on before the next post.

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