Monday, May 13, 2013

finish up of "geronimo" sketch

i decided to take a break from the double portrait for at least this morning and instead noodle around with the painting of geronimo that i think i started back in january. it was on bristol board and i wasn't happy with the surface and how it was reacting to the paint. so that seemed the perfect thing to experiment with some things i had been thinking about.

the two things that i tried here on the background were using stencils of lettering and stamping paint on using a number of objects,s found and made. i found some pictures of apache pictographs and drew them on a piece of foam core. then i put a liberal line of "tacky glue" and let it dry. my first go showed that the paint softened the glue enough that it needed sealing. i sealed it with a spray or krylon acrylic coat and tried it again. seemed to work. the ones i chose were mainly for their shape but represented raiders, earth, and sadness.
"the swan will soon sing geronimo's song" (14"X12")

the letter stencils were just a plastic sheet i picked up at a local chain art/craft store. i daubed paint on the openings with a small (#8) round brush mixing up the colors a bit. the whole thing seemed a little rigid to me so i liberally spattered clear water over some of the figures.

to finish up i put a loose darker wash over the top and let it drip down with a little coaxing and direction.

all in all, i think that there is some merit to these techniques and i will do some more experimenting with them on another painting. i think making some small stamps with both pictographs and even some abstract shapes on a linoleum block might give a little more even paint distribution than the "tacky glue" deal....but i must say that the randomness of the paint application with the "glue" approach appeals somewhat to me.

that's all for today.


  1. Bob, this turned out so impressive. I think you did very good work on the figure but I'm really taken with the background! I love what you have done with the letters and your original stamping. I think you will make really good use of that in future works. Good job!

  2. thanks, dena. the pictograph stamps were fun to research and make, but i was a little hasty in applying the "glue" and the lines tuned out a bit irregular. i'm going to try using a little steadier hand and larger bead to see if i can get some more consistency.

    i'm also going to ry making some small lino blocks. going out to hobby lobby to see what they have for this sort of "stuff". stamping used to be pretty popular hobby around here (maybe still is) so i'm thinking there be a lot of different ones to try out.

  3. I love this strong and stern face, such a good expression and values .