Thursday, April 25, 2013

"the betrothal of miss victoria": continuing on with modeling and background

first 30-minutes of work
i sort of am trying to keep everything moving forward. in the first 30 minutes or so i refined the woman's features and hair a little with the same triad as last time and using the #16 cosmotop round brush. her beau was looking a bit anemic so i started working mainly on carving out his facial structure using a slightly darker value of the same triad. when this had dried almost completely i put in his *right* eye....yep, same triad except iris was mainly burnt sienna and cobalt blue, and pupil a dark value of ultramarine blue and burnt umber to make a black. i lost the lower outside edge of the pupil as the final stroke on the eye using a clean, damp, thirsty brush. the trickiest part of the eyes is leaving the highlight alone.

last and second 30 minutes

during the final 1/2 hour or so i decided to get rid of the bulk of the rest of the white by applying a light value yellowish wash over the bulk of it. the combination used was raw sienna and cadmium yellow pale, mixed mostly on the paper. i used a #26 round brush for this application. i let this wash go over the lower *right* sides of the figures, hair, and clothing as that side is in shadow and i am ultimately going to try to lose much of that edge to help it recede. the last thing i did was add the shadow on her dress under and to the *right* of her chin. i put some raw sienna at the far *right* edge to represent reflected light and a blue gray wash to represent the reminder of the shadow as it moved to her *left*.

time for launch. more later.


  1. This is looking great already , love the fresh and alert look in the eyes , and great values !