Monday, January 14, 2013

ld/ld for the beginning of 2013

edwards exercise in painting old buildings
 i have been doing a "little of dis and a little of dat" (ld/ld) lately while finishing up the preparations for the exhibition and opening of my show at the pump house. the opening was last saturday. i'm pretty naive about these things but it seemed like it was well attended. here is a potpourri of small  and/ or quick works i've done in between more pressing tasks. most of these are either failed paintings (or soon to be failed) or exercises from a landscape book by sterling edwards.

start of a wet canvas challenge for january
 the one of a duo of buildings in the desert bears some explanation. it is a blatant copy of a dean mitchell painting. i have been trying again, now in 2013, to learn something about landscape painting. the use of sterling edwards book is obvious. i admire dean mitchells watercolors, both figurative but also portraits and landscapes. so i thought i would try to dissect out some of his techniques by experimenting with trying to reproduce some of his pieces. this is purely for academic /educational purposes. studying masters whether they be from olden days or contemporary and attempting to copy their works has always been a strategy for teaching and learning art techniques. if you are unfamiliar with dean mitchell here is a link to his website: i think you will agree he is one of our best. i just wish i could find a workshop he is teaching, but finding none i am starting to think that just isn't his thing.

adobe execise from edwards landscape book

failed portrait

so far so good portrait of a dear friend who died last year

copy of mitchell painting (educational purposes only)

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