Monday, January 21, 2013

finishing up, "the bloom is forever on rosie e." and next steps on geronimo

"the bloom is forever on rosie e."  14"X16"
pretty much as the title of the post indicates, i finished the portrait of rosie. now for the decision of what to do with it. while it isn't my best work it is a very good likeness of this lovely person. my thoughts are to ask her husband don what his wishes would be. i would very honored if he would like it for his personal collection. on the other hand it might be a nice tribute to hang in the place where she worked for 30+ years. i think i will e-mail don edminster and see what he wishes. here 'tis:

"the swan will soon sing for geronimo": next step(s)

the next few steps on the geronimo portrait are represented by this photo. it is generally changed from the previous post by the addition of the burnt umber and alizarin crimson washes to model and define his features. of course, there also is some painting of his clothing and hat that has occurred. this is about all i have for today. be well.

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  1. What a lovely title for Rosie, a beautiful portrait with a great likeness . Geronimo is coming along beautifully , too. Wish you a great trip !