Friday, September 14, 2012

ted nuttall workshop day #3: a finished painting...sorta

another great day for weather and painting.

we talked about shadows, both form and cast. some of this i knew but occasionally forget in the heat of "battle" and some was new. some obvious differences, like hard edges on cast shadows and more gradual transitions on form shadows (unless they are on a box or turning around a very sharp edge.) another thing that i might have known had i thought about it more was that shadows can be colorful, but always take on the chroma of the underlying surface upon which they fall whether they be cast or form. they must be lower in value (ie, darker). now i was dozing abit a one point and i think i caught the tail end of the following: the lightest lights in a dark (like shadow) should still be darker than the darkest darks in the light. this was told to be by charles reid, so i think it probably is true and re-iterated by ted here today....but of course i could be wrong.....i was snoozing (just a little bit).

so, i did as much as i was going to do on the first painting and started on the second with about one hour to go this afternoon.

"in search of a husband" 14"X 17"
the major thing with the thai girl painting was to just view the over all thing from about 20 feet away and look for things that bothered me or i found distracting. i decided that there were a few places that needed some darkening and the white on the bottom of the bar she had her arm draped across was very distracting. so i placed some darks in the corner of her mouth in shadow and put a greyish-blue light value wash over the white at the bottom of the bar/railing. here is the final phot of this and i will move on to the next. again, my thanks to babasteve for the use of his wonderful photo as a reference.

i think i will just post the photos of the next painting tomorrow to break up the two processes although the first photo shows the effort from today.

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