Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ted nuttall workshop day #2

another lovely day here. lecturing this morning, ted gave brief discussions of how he paints the features on the face, like eyes, noses, mouths, teeth, hair. the first thing that i took away was that each feature should be painted as if it was a miniature abstract painting done in the style of the whole of the painting. so lots of connections, lost and found edges, etc. so that when one was done with , say, and eye, if one were to crop the painting to include only the eye and enlarge it, it would be a good painting in and of itself. after that he did a demo and both described his thinking and showed us how he paints the backgrounds. this is basically 6-12, 10% glazes done wet on dry to build up value and get a nice transparent glow. i have never done this before. i did do a wet on wet glaze of about 3 layers on one painting. it was sort of the same idea in execution but much different in outcome.

so here are two stages of the painting that i started yesterday (i did edit yesterday's post to include the steps done then as the photo up-loader was working again. yeh!). enjoy....i am.

 this background step has only 2 and 3 layers, repsectively. quinacridone gold first in an abstract shape wash near the figure, then ultramarine blue over all to push that back, and followed by cadmium orange on the left and permanent alizarin crimson on the right. the orange to grey down and remove the "sweetness" of the blue. i had a good reason for the red at the time but i have lost now!

i started work on the tapestry right at the end, but the tediouness of it wore me down late in the afternoon so it will be first on my agenda tomorrow.

i will probably finish this or at least stop on this tomorrow and start another.

this is a perfect experience for me at this stage
of my development.

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