Tuesday, November 22, 2011

battened down in portland

still life with paint tubes
we arrived in portland last friday after a pretty much uneventful drive. we had on day of treacherous driving through the northern rockies from about butte, mt, until coeur d'alene, id, with a mixture of sleet, snow, freezing rain all driven by 30 mph-winds. as usual the biggest problem was other drivers who thought it was a good idea to hydroplane past us slowpokes in the passing lane going , oh, about 75mph through 2-3 inches of slush. every time someone did that i held my breath. stupid. i saw one guy about an hour later at a rest stop and found that he had arrived 5 minutes before we did...okay, so it was worth the risk.

i am in the process of getting a studio of sorts set up in the corner of the great room at the place that we are staying. it has great light, but i need to get a drop cloth to foil my innate sloppiness. once that is accomplished, i will be ready to finish up pine ridge jim's portrait. bear with me!

a drink for all occasions 
are two paintings from a while ago just to dress up the posting.

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