Tuesday, July 12, 2011

finishing up: wall end farm

i finished the painting of the sheep farm yesterday. i posted it to wet canvas the day before and got some good constructive criticism. i incorporated some of the thoughts in this ultimate painting. i put the shadow side of the hill on in hookers green/olive green/quinacridone gold/burnt sienna mixed for the most part on the paper using a 3/4" flat. i then put in the trees behind the hedge row with varieties of the same colors plus ultramarine blue using a #8 round. i put the darkest pigment (i.e. tip of the brush) on the bottom right side and just pressed the brush up to the ferrule to "feather it out and create the light side of the trees. i sort of wanted that side to blend in with the background hill and this seems to have accomplished that end.
wall end farm
i then splashed and scraped and minimally brushed in the pasture with mostly quinacridone gold and hookers (with some olive) green. as i neared the bottom i darkened the splotches with the addition of some mineral violet. lastly i darkened the shadows under the sheep as the ones that i put in at the time i painted the sheep had blended in with the ground color at that  point. all in all i think that i am starting to understand how to effect some depth in the landscape and blend figures in so they appear to belong and not be an afterthought.


  1. Beautiful work! Happy Belated Birthday!

  2. thank you so much, heidi. we will miss seeing you but understand. get well so i can once again look forward to your sunday challenges!