Saturday, July 16, 2011

art fair on the green: preparation

aauw (american association of university women) sponsors a large local art fair each year entitled "art fair on the green." this year i have the opportunity to participate as a member of the eastbank artists group. i and four fellow artists will be showing our work in one large tent and i will have about 10 horizontal feet of wall space. since this is the first time i have entered one of these i'm not too sure how many pieces would comfortably fit in this size space. i have elected to mount, mat, and frame 10 pieces and just mount and mat another 10 covered in clear shrink wrap. i plan on hanging the framed ones and putting the shrink wrapped ones on one of those canvas deals so people can flip through them. i have no idea what prices i should put on the paintings and i may have to see what the market is once i get down there on the friday before (set-up day.) the fair is saturday and sunday, july 30 and 31, 2011 on the university of wisconsin, la crosse campus, quad.

needless to say i will be busy with mounting, matting, and framing of the 20 or so paintings that i am showing as i am way too cheap to pay someone else to do it. once i have this finished i will post the entries that i have chosen. don't look for any painting work until i have this all prepared, which i hope will be by monday, july 18th.

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  1. That is great Bob! I love the Art fair on the Green! Have you made any prints of your paintings to sell?